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Hulme Martin
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As you have probably gathered, whilst Tavak can supply some 'standard' items we mainly manufacture to customers' special requirements. It is impossible, therefore, to have anything approaching a 'price list', as every item is different. The type of material used, its gauge, any additives or whether it is printed or plain - all these things affect the price.

Items that can be made only by hand using our skilled staff will obviously cost more than items 'mass-produced' on our extensive range of specialist machinery. But whatever your product - whether it is a one-off or one of thousands - we would be delighted if you would allow us to quote.

Please complete the form below, giving us as much detail as possible, or if you can provide us with a drawing of exactly what you require, please send us an email (instead of using the form) and include your drawing as an attachment.

Remember to state what material the item needs to be made of, what gauge, what size, any special additives or print required - and the quantity you would like us to quote for. Don't forget to tell us your name, address, telephone, fax and e-mail address so that we can get back to you with any questions/your quote.

Please allow us a few days to compile your quote, as with many items we will have to gather quotes from our suppliers (we do not extrude or print on our premises). Please also bear in mind that the more complicated the component, the longer it will take from receipt of order to delivery.

Tavak has the specialist tools and automated equipment to produce any quantity from one-off items through to large production runs. If you have a regular requirement, we are able to process orders on a call-off basis and hold stocks on a number of the more standard items such as piping bags, plain cast polypropylene or oriented polypropylene conical bags and drawstring bags of various sizes and materials.



What material is required?
(i.e polythene, CPP, OPP,
clear, opaque or 'light-fast')
Any special requirements
with the material?

(i.e UV inhibitors, etc)
Printed or plain?
(If printed how many
colours/sides, what type
of print and what sort
of coverage?)
What gauge?
What size?
What quantity?
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