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Hulme Martin
A chemical bag, fitted
with a polythene outlet
If it's Special – it's Tavak


Tavak has an excellent reputation for producing innovative solutions in polythene (polyethylene) and other heat sealable materials for demanding and difficult requirements. We can advise on compatible materials and develop a production process that exploits our combination of automated equipment and skilled operators. Our engineers can produce the necessary tools and equipment for complicated, multi-layer assemblies incorporating sealing of mouldings and other components. Some of the special 'added extras' we can incorporate include...

Adhesive strips – either permanent or re-sealable – on lipped bags of almost any shape or size
Corners, mitred corners or other special shaped seals
Cords, drawstrings, ribbons, draw-tapes or elastic fitted to bags of various shapes and materials
Cut-outs, Euro-holes, Euro-slots, perforations, punched-out holes etc., either to bags, sleeves or single sheets of plastic film
Eyelets, popper-studs, toggles and other fixtures fitted to a variety of materials
Gussets – either bottom gussets, side gussets or uneven gussets
Handles – poly-loop, clip-close handles, hook-bars and hang-tabs, etc.
Inlets, outlets, nozzles, etc.
Irradiated items or other special treatments
Pockets, wallets, tabs or other multi-layered seals
Resealable bags – maxi/mini grip, slider grip, zips, etc.
Wicketted bags, bags on a reel, or even just plain ordinary bags!

Tavak has the expertise to take your product from prototype to production.