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Hulme Martin
If it's Special – it's Tavak


Polythene (known also as polyethylene) was first invented in 1936, with polypropylene discovered in the early 1950s. Tavak Products Ltd started out in a small ‘garage’ in the St Johns’ district of Woking soon after the Second World War and as such we were one of the first companies in this country to manufacture machines for heat-sealing these revolutionary new plastic films.

In 1958 the company became incorporated and moved to much larger premises a couple of miles away in the village of Bisley, Surrey. Here we began manufacturing specialist items using our knowledge of the plastics industry and our own machinery.

Many people ask what the name ‘Tavak’ means. The answer is simple, it is made up of the initials of the original owners.

In the late 1960s the company was bought by a neighbouring engineering company who, in 1989, sold the company to Hulme-Martin Ltd - a London based manufacturer of heat-sealing machines that had also been in business since soon after the Second World War.

At that stage Tavak ceased to make their own range of sealers and concentrated on the manufacture of specialist plastic film products. These range from large one-off items (such as ducts for growing mushrooms), through complicated multi-component, multi-layered items (such as bellows for lung testing machines), to production runs of tens of thousands for tapered ‘herb’ bags, tinted piping bags, and other special shaped bags in polythene and polypropylene.

In 2006 Hulme-Martin Ltd ceased trading and the following year Tavak Ltd was sold to the present owners – Wiag Ltd (again made up of the initials of its owners) - whilst a new company, Hulme-Martin Heatsealers Ltd was set up in a separate ‘management buyout’ of the machine side of the business in 2005 .

Both companies have now moved to new premises next door to each other on the Country Business Centre at White Cottage Farm in Lucas Green Road, West End – half a mile from the old Bisley premises and just a mile from junction 3 of the M3 motorway.

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