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Hulme Martin
If it's Special – it's Tavak

Aprons, bibs, capes, ponchos, raincoats (with or without hoods) and tabards – either printed or plain
Bin liners, refuse sacks, etc.
Bottle bags (bags shaped like a bottle - not bags for putting bottles in) mainly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Box liners and covers - including car seat covers – and covers for machines, pallets and other items
Carrier bags (plain or shaped), with or without gussets, printed or plain, with either apertures, cut-out handles, draw-tapes, flexi-loop handles, cords, or clip-close handles
Conical, tapered or triangular shaped bags - such as bags for chocolates and other confectionery, icing bags or piping bags, bags for selling herbs in, popcorn bags and bags for selling potpourri or other similar products - made of either polythene or polypropylene (or other similar materials), printed or plain, with or without cut-outs such as drain holes (for herb-bags), handles (for flowers), with lips for adhesive strips or other suitable closure
Discs, bottle top/cap liners, jar covers, pot covers, washers and other cut-out shapes in any plastic film
Drawstring bags (using a variety of cords), draw-tape bags, duffle bags, tie bags, etc., printed or plain, with or without gussets, in a variety of materials, either shaped or not
Ducts for mushroom/plant growers
Elasticated neck bags, shower-cap style bags, steering wheel covers, etc.
Fabrications, such as bellow assemblies and other multi-layered, multi-component items, fitted with inlets, outlets, closures and other fittings
Garment covers, printed or plain, large or small, with or without gussets, fitted with permanent/ reseal tape or other closures
Gauntlets, gloves, mittens, overshoes, over-sleeves, stockings (including Christmas stocking-shaped bags, with or without drawstrings) and other shaped items
Maxi-grip and mini-grip bags, either plain or printed, shaped or not
Shaped bags and sheets, such as round-bottom bags, shaped produce bags, or cut-out sheets of any shape or size
Toy glove puppet-shaped bags, stick balloons, party bags and treat sacks printed with your design
Water storage bags or bags for storing almost any liquid or powder with a variety of inlets/outlets and other special closures